Pedals Support Enhanced

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Pedals Support Enhanced kit. Change your pedals position in any direction and angle.

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With this Pedals Support Enhanced kit, you can change your pedals position with your preferred angle.

Total freedom to move forward/backward (red arrows), up/down (green arrows) and to change pedals angle (blue arrows), see picture.

Kit included:

  1. 2 x Height adjustment Metal connector – L Size, Higher: 98 mm
  2. 2 x Height adjustment Metal connector – L Size, Lower: 53 mm
  3. 2 Aluminium profile 40x40x500, silver
  4. 4 Bracket angular
  5. 8 x T-nut guided block M8
  6. 8 x Screws DIN 912 M8x16
  7. 4 x Screws DIN 912 M8x25 – For High L Connector
  8. 8 x Washer DIN 9021

These are further additional optionals:

  1. Metal BASE Plate 5mm thickness. Compatible with DCSimracing Pedals, click here for further details.
  2. Fast release locking lever Metal screw, AS REPLACEMENT for M8 screws, to speed-up forward/backward movements, click here for further details.
  3. Enhanced side supports, AS REPLACEMENT of L Size Height adjustment (A+B), click here for further details.
  4. Slider under the base, for forward/backward movements, exactly as the seat movements, click here for further details.


You can buy this kit together with your cockpit, or for your existing one.

Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 550 × 80 × 40 cm


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