Elastomers Full KIT – DCSIMRACING

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Elastomers Full KIT for replacement and to enhance your feeling.

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Your Brake pedal as got two standard elastomer hardnesses: green, soft (mounted of origin) and yellow the hardest.

You can change or combining elastomers of different hardness; as result you can get a soft pedal, with a longer travel or harder pedal with less travel.

All this combined with the compression or decompression of the spring or initial spring.

The set of elastomers are inserted inside a stainless steel tube (optional carbon); thanks to it, first we can limit compression, in addiction we can prevent reaching their maximum working load.

As result we protect them from breakage, deformation or sinking feeling of the tread, increasing their durability.

You can purchase as an option for the brake pedal, and you can eliminate the initial spring from the assembly and puts in its place an additional elastomer; as result you  eliminate the first phase of braking, making a hard pedal and with minimal travel.



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