DC-RS DCSimracing Pedals

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The DC pedals are made of 3mm carbon steel, oven-fire painted, black finish.

Choose your favorite kit, without or without metal base plate.


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NEW Amazing pedals from DCSimracing!

DCRS consists in a brand new concept of accelerator, brake and clutch, 3mm carbon steel, oven-fire painted, black finish.

You can choose to buy DC3 RS, with all 3 pedals, or DC2 RS with gas and brake; maybe to add clutch in the future, if you will need it.

Baseplate is optional, but you can buy together with pedals at special prize.

NEW DCSimracing Software for PRO.

Real time calibration software (varying braking force and throttle curve).
Braking force and throttle curve, adjustable by any peripheral device such as steering wheel push buttons, other brands push buttons, keyboard and stream deck.
Double action clutch (button/foot).

DCSimracing Pedals SPECS

Throttle and clutch equipped with magnetic hall sensor, so you have perfect and durable use, (maintenance free).

16 bit electronics with connection to PC via USB, so you can calibrate using DCsimracing software, you can downloaded here.

Variable height and inclination of the foot pedal
Accelerator with spring and hydraulic bumper (silicone oil)
Adjustable throttle and clutch travel

Axes of rotation of the pedal are mounted on steel ball bearings, so you can use it for long time,

Rods made of stainless steel with turned threads

Brake Pedal has got 100kg Loadcell sensor, for you are searching for max feeling. 

More than 50 brake configurations
Brake with double variable angle of thrust.

Screws and anchoring tools in steel and galvanized iron.

A lot of accessories at your finger: Elastomers Full kitHeels supportsBase Plate … etc.


Additional information

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 40 × 30 × 30 cm
Pedals Kit

3 Pedals, 2 Pedals, Only clutch

Metal Base

Additional, Without


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