NeroForte Project

Apr 2018 beginning
Neroforte History
Are you a SIMRACER? Unbelievable!!!

Afternoon, two friends.... after training course... some beers....

LUCA: You are jockeying.... Are you racing enthusiasts, like me??

MAX: Yes, just a little beat, only 40 years of passion.... but with budget only for arcade and simulation.

Remember Commodore VIC20, Super Nintendo, Sega MegaDrive, DreamCast :-)))...

RED, TOCA, Sega Rally, NEED FOR SPEED......

LUCA: Do you know LFS? 15 years ago, was my favorite! In the last few years Assetto Corsa, iRacing and more. I'm driving often online with a lot of friends, Corrado, Maurizio, Gianni, Francesco.....

What is your setup for driving??

...... IT nerd guy: office desk for wheel, Ikea chair and pedals.... never locked on the floor.

...... blacksmith guy: hand made wood support for seat and pedals, desk for wheels


Apr 2018 end
Neroforte History
What is your favorite setup?

We cannot still drive in this way!!!


What is your favorite cockpit on the market?


I don't know, I need more from standard cockpit, I can't find a good solution for me....

I have my OWN cockpit in mind since .... 10 years....

Apr 2018 end
Neroforte History
What? Tell me about this

Max: Oh my god...... You have and idea and you are a blacksmith.

I'm software developer.... Since 10 years I have a dream! Dynamic Cockpit made by myself.

...... you know, if we go ahead talking about this..... we will not sleep in the next months..... years....

May 2018
Neroforte History
How to lose your social life. :-|)

We can do it......

Only with a lot of night work, with much to the delight of wives.....

Luca, start with iron project and Max start with software development for dynamics engine.

May 2018
Neroforte History
Baby was born. First steps.

MAX: Luca, I'm sending to you the first video with first movements of embryonal engines tests.

Unbelievable, it work, Brake, Gas and steering.... engines response in the right way.

Arduino + LFS + Simtools, just to start.

Additional white nights will coming........

Aug 2018
Neroforte History
Unity is strength

Now we are near to be 30 friends, all around Europe, SIMRACING enthusiast.

Additional white nights? Ohhhhhhhhyessssssssss

Max: We must create the first eSport-Simracing Association in Ticino-Switzerland.

Let's go. AKR SIMRACING is born.

Nov 2018
Neroforte History
Changing my life

Cockpit project started!

Official Akr Simracing Team Association is born!

What else?

MAX: We have to give to our lands the first LIVE Professional Simcenter, with team support for new enthusiast simracers, with coaching, training, with live track days and........ of course for FUN.

6 Simulators: 2 Triple screens - 4 with VR and dynamic movement (still not ours new).

My life has definitely changed!

Oct 2019
Neroforte History
Dynamics Software growing

Yes!!!!! Dynamics Software is growing.

From Arduino tests we are moved to professional engines, with drivers and really fast USB controller.

Now we are taking Telemetry Data directly from Assetto Corsa, without any other tools (like simtools or similar). After some test, we are now working with 1/1000s refreshing time.

Each our engines has 750 W power, 150 Kg strength and 200 mm travel in 1 second.

We wish to test our first prototypes with three engine. One front and two for each back sides!

How many coffee? I don't know.... and it is better.

May 2020
Neroforte History
Design is growing too


Cool Design!


FuCk.... you-know-what-19!!!!!! WE GO AHEAD!!!!

Jul 2020
Neroforte History

From the virtual to the real.

We can touch what we thought and designed!

what I have to say.... I have no words.

Thanks LUCA! Thanks a lot

Jul 2020
Neroforte History
New supervisor

Hard work, for cockpit new design.... we need new supervisor.

Here is!

Great, we are glad to introduce to you CUCHI.

Sep 2020
Neroforte History
Red and Black

First prototype is ready.

After stress tests we will be ready for commercial release and crown founding campaign.

Stay tuned for news, update and to have your brand new cockpit on Kickstarter on Indiegogo.